Use Cases.

Providing hard evidence of media impact.

Showing how PR moves customers along the path to purchase is a real differentiator for communication teams. Metricomm media analysis reveals new insights that can help win new business, retain existing customers and promote growth:

  • Reveals which publications and types of coverage really work for any individual organisation, brand or issue
  • Puts focus on repeatable, robust metrics that demonstrate genuine business value
  • Demonstrates accountability and contribution, by reporting the business impact and value of PR and communication
  • Applies big data gathering and analysis techniques to reveal trends and patterns over time, so current activity can be compared to previous outcomes
  • Can retain traditional elements including emotion and key message cut-through, to understand what the engaged audience takes out of coverage
  • Uses robust statistical analysis to attribute a range of business outcomes to media coverage
  • Can be combined with other independent data sets to compare PR and communication results with other marketing activities
  • Allows cost-effective, like-for-like benchmarking against competitor positioning and campaigns
  • Offers affordable analysis of overseas coverage for international campaigns

What’s your challenge.

Metricomm closes the gap between PR metrics and actual business metrics using robust statistical analysis to identify the relationships between audiences generated by online media coverage and a whole range of completely independent consumer data sets, such as Google Trends, Google Analytics, TV Viewing figures, Sales revenue, paid advertising data, Share Price indexes and many more.

We work with brands and agencies to provide validated media intelligence and insights that prove the impact that online media coverage is having on key business outcomes. Our data analysis and reporting are designed to help you meet strategic objectives including client retention, search advertising uplift, refinement of PR and communication strategies, budget and resource management, achieving sales targets, and establishing a competitive position in your market.

We go further and deeper than anything that volume-based media monitoring or PR measurement can provide. In fact, clients often use our insights to supplement existing reporting and analysis.

Whatever your challenge, whether it’s proving the value of PR and communication activity to the C-suite, gathering competitor insights to identify opportunity gaps, responding to a crisis management or reputation issue, or moving consumers along the path to purchase, Metricomm can provide the evidence you need to make the right business decisions.

Sample Analysis.

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