Metricomm uses big data and proven algorithms to support PR planning & evaluation, focusing squarely on organisational outcomes.

We deliver robust metrics & insights that PR and communications teams can use in planning campaigns, setting credible KPIs; and evaluating campaigns to demonstrate tangible audience impact and ROI.

Moving away from weak metrics such as reach, opportunity to see, impressions and clippings volume, Metricomm provides answers to critical questions such as:

  • What are the best media titles for reaching the highest number of people that are actually interested in my news or announcement and will respond accordingly?
  • What is the best type of content for achieving this – news story, case study, op-ed, long read, etc – and what type of language will connect with my audience?
  • What themes and issues are my engaged audience tuned into, so I can reflect this in my planning?
  • How do my PR outcomes currently compare to other brands or organisations in my sector?
  • What PR activities have a real impact on key business outcomes, including search, sales, visits and views?
  • How is my PR activity amplified by social media to influence audience engagement and drive desired outcomes?


Metricomm supports PR and communications teams who are looking for a better way to plan earned media activity based on strong data and evidence.

Our Sector reports provide online media insights for your particular sector that include:

  • League tables showing audience reach compared to coverage volume for every sector competitor
  • Size of audience reached by each sector brand
  • Named online media (national, regional, consumer, trade) which have influenced brand perceptions and audience reaction
  • How key topics in online media coverage are affecting sector brands
  • Proportion of audience reached by each key theme
  • How emotions in coverage are likely to affect audience response
  • Trends and changes over time

Sector reports are available as a one-off purchase or on a subscription basis that provides monthly data updates.

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Metricomm puts organisations in the context of their sector competitors, highlighting where PR and communications can really contribute to business outcomes and provide competitive advantage.

Our Competitor reports benchmark your PR outcomes against two named competitors in greater detail.

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Metricomm helps you to understand the contribution of PR campaign activity to search, sales, reputation and ROI. Our objective and standardised evidence reveals the impact of earned coverage on influencing audience opinions and behaviour. This helps you to measure and evaluate the effectiveness of activity against KPIs and make changes while the campaign is live.

  • Identify which PR activities have a real impact on business outcomes, including search, sales and ROI
  • Understand the optimum mix of media for your campaign
  • View the media coverage that is getting results for you and your competitors
  • Get near real-time insights that allow activity to be adjusted
  • See how media relations activity is amplified by social to increase audience engagement
  • Receive comprehensive emotional analysis using Happiness, Anger, Fear, Surprise, Sadness and Disgust to see how audiences are likely to respond, and why
  • Add correlations with other data sets to see where PR coverage is making a difference to outcomes, including:
    • Google search trends
    • Google Analytics
    • Sales data
    • Reviews data
    • TV audience viewing data
    • Broadcast media data
    • Social media data
  • See which coverage gets results
  • Monitor trends over time

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