Our Difference.

Leave nothing to chance!

We are not a media monitoring company. We do not base measurement and effectiveness on volume of coverage. We won’t simply count the number of times your brand is mentioned in the media, or provide over inflated figures representing views, opportunities, value equivalents or any other vanity metrics.

Our purpose is to prove the real power of media coverage in the marketing mix.

We leave nothing to “chance”. Our robust methodology reveals when and where media coverage is having an impact, at the most robust levels of statistical significance and our rigorous approach means you can be totally confident in the outcomes we report.

Start with the audience.

We start with calculating what’s by far the most important thing – your audience.

We identify the size of audience most likely to have found, read and been influenced by online media coverage about your brand, products/services, themes, issues, competitors and sector.

We close the gap between PR metrics and actual business metrics – going way beyond what volume-based media monitoring and pr measurement can provide, and proving at the highest levels of statistical significance what the media impact has been on your real business outcomes including search, sales, earnings, reputation and stock prices.

Only Metricomm provides an audience-first approach to media impact analysis.

Sample Analysis.

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