For far too long, the value of PR has been called into question.

The industry has relied on weak metrics. From AVEs in the 1990s, and now reach, opportunities to see, impressions. These metrics with their exaggerated numbers have left the industry exposed. Just as damaging is the continued focus on volume of coverage, which reveals nothing about the audience response and means important decisions are being based on misleading data.

Media evaluation needs to reflect the way we consume media today.

The very fact we consume most of our media online allows us to tap into big data that provides unparalleled insight into how earned media is driving PR call to action – search or sales.

We are here to disrupt the status quo, challenge the overpriced media evaluation industry, and elevate PR by showing exactly how it drives organisational results.

Immediacy. Clarity. Perspective. Advantage.


When planning for earned media opportunities, you want to know how to generate maximum impact, which is different to knowing how to generate maximum coverage.

You want to know which media title will deliver the most interest and drive the most engagement for your call to action? What type of content will best connect with your audience? Which key themes or issues are your audience tuned in to? How to deliver impact through PR that outperforms your competitors?

Metricomm data insights tell you this and more – helping you to shape campaigns and set credible KPI’s for influencing audience behaviour.

Benchmark your performance.


Metricomm delivers robust metrics and insights that enable you to properly evaluate your campaign and demonstrate tangible audience impact and ROI. With Metricomm, you also learn what the competition is doing, all at a fraction of the cost of outdated media evaluation methods on offer.

Our insights mean you can understand audience response in near real-time and adjust your activities while a campaign is live. What’s more, you can see what activities are having a real impact on key business outcomes; and how your campaign performance stacks up against competitors.

Metricomm delivers this by evaluating media content based on measurable audience response and engagement. Find out more

Tailored to your needs.


Our data analysis, insights & reporting can be tailored to your specific needs. Bespoke options include detailed benchmarking against named competitors and emotional analysis of coverage that goes far beyond positive, negative and neutral. Correlation with other data sets allows you to see what is driving outcomes, including broadcast media, TV audience viewing figures and sales data.