Media Evaluation.

Moving beyond traditional media evaluation.

When it comes to digital channels and social media, there is endless data to help the decision-making process. It’s a different story when you ask for robust metrics about the impact of news media.  

Metricomm provides media evaluation fit for an age where the vast majority of news consumption is online. Uniquely, our analysis starts by calculating the size of audience that is likely to have seen, read and engaged with any piece of coverage. This allows us to clearly demonstrate which media coverage influences behaviour, sales and margins.

Most executives don’t realise the power of online media coverage compared to other marketing options. Managed well, media coverage can contribute as much to generating consideration and sales as it does to building brand awareness and reputation. 

Whether you are a global corporation, a company operating in a single market, a non-profit or a government organisation, or an agency servicing any of these clients, Metricomm can help you. Understanding the true power of media coverage can influence not just perceptions, but business results. All it takes is the right, audience-first data. 

Grow your business.

Showing how PR moves customers along the path to purchase is a real differentiator for communication teams. Metricomm media evaluation reveals new insights that can help win new business, retain existing customers and promote growth:

Reveals which publications and types of coverage really work for any individual organisation, brand or issue
Puts focus on repeatable, robust metrics that demonstrate genuine business value
Demonstrates accountability and contribution, by reporting the business impact and value of PR
Applies big data gathering and analysis techniques to reveal trends and patterns over time, so current activity can be compared to previous outcomes
Can retain traditional elements including emotion and key message cut-through, to understand what the engaged audience takes out of coverage
Uses robust statistical analysis to attribute a range of business outcomes to media coverage
Can be combined with other independent data sets to compare PR results with other marketing activities
Allows cost-effective, like-for-like benchmarking against competitor positioning and campaigns
Offers affordable analysis of overseas coverage for international campaigns

See how it works.

To discuss how Metricomm can help you prove your impact, or to request an example of brand-specific analysis, please get in touch:


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