What a load of s**t!

The discharge of raw sewage by water companies in the UK has become a serious issue, for public health and corporate reputations. Consumer response to media coverage about the issue reveals growing concern around the health and safety implications of sewage disposal.

As celebrity campaigners and others increasingly take the fight to the water companies, pushing to clean up rivers, lakes and beaches, Metricomm’s analysis of consumer reaction to the coverage shows that investment in replacing ageing and failing infrastructure is also an essential investment in protecting businesses from reputational damage.

We looked at the media coverage that shaped consumer perceptions and behaviour relating to sewage in water over a period and identified key take-outs for those organisations and campaigners involved.

The analysis also demonstrates how audience data replaces the unreliable measurement of ‘sentiment’ to guess how audiences might react to coverage. Showing the incontrovertible link between specific articles within coverage and audience response removes any ambiguity about what is shaping behaviour.

You can download a copy of the sample report here.

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