Under the microscope – how does your university’s research reputation compare?


More than 85 UK universities belong to the UK Universities Climate Network. All of these have strong interests in climate risk and net zero and want their stakeholders to know what they are contributing to research and debate in this important topic.

When more than 100,000 policy makers, activists and other interested parties assembled at COP28 in Dubai, these universities were well represented, alongside many other international higher education establishments. Everyone wants to be part of the story and the quest for media coverage relating to COP28 participation reflects this.

Typically, 200-300 universities appear in the most influential media coverage about universities relating to recent COP conferences (source: Metricomm data). This time, as in previous years, thousands of pieces of coverage appeared.  Only a fraction of this coverage was found and read by the audience interested in COP28 and the contribution made by academic institutions.

For any specific research topic, whether it’s climate, renewable fuels, a healthcare issue, advanced engineering, new materials, social inequality, or anything else, Metricomm can help universities understand how to be part of the coverage that moves the needle on reputation. We can:

  • help you target media coverage to reach a higher share of the interested audience and to help shape the media agenda

  • explore and benchmark your positioning compared to key competitors in the online media that are most likely to shape perceptions

  • identify which of your key spokespeople is having an impact compared to others within their field or within your institution.

The chart below provides a direct comparison between two UK universities with a keen research interest in climate change. Right now, it’s a close competition. Whichever can increase its share of online media audience can cement its position as a thought leader in the field, contributing towards attracting students, academics, and vital funding.

Research reputations, like all aspects of reputation, are built over time and require strategic focus. Effectiveness of PR is as much about understanding which media work best for your organisation and your topic as it is about producing a high volume of press releases. Metricomm data allows you to understand the progress you are making versus the impact your leaders expect.

For more information about how Metricomm is helping universities to prove the impact that PR is having, contact us on hello@metricomm.com