Uncovering new media effectiveness insights

Too often, senior leaders don’t take the time to digest media evaluation reports. They’ve seen it all before and it doesn’t necessarily tell them anything new or exciting about how the organisation’s PR activities are impacting reputation or audience behaviour.

In our recent webinar, Philippa Walker, Head of Media and PR at the University of Bristol, explained how Metricomm’s audience-centric approach to media evaluation uncovered new and compelling information to answer questions posed by the university’s senior leadership team.

This included demonstrating how Bristol’s share of engaged media audience (not volume of coverage) compared to other leading UK universities. It also revealed that media coverage has a measurable impact on audience response, in this case by driving a much higher percentage of Google search for the university brand than anyone had anticipated.

Click on the play icon below to listen to Philippa explaining some of the ‘aha!’ moments from Metricomm’s analysis and why they were worth including in the Annual Report.

To watch or download the full webinar recording, click here

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