Excuses, excuses!

Are you letting your PR team or agency off the hook? Do you hold them accountable for the results they deliver in the same way you might scrutinise the outcomes of other marketing activities? You’ve probably heard them before, but people frequently use these excuses when they don’t want to measure PR, or don’t know how to do it properly.

  1. PR is nothing to do with sales
  2. It’s too difficult to measure PR success and ROI
  3. We don’t have additional budget for measurement
  4. A few headline metrics about volume and sentiment are good enough for management
  5. If we had the right tools, we could, but they don’t exist
  6. PR people are not good at numbers, they’re more comfortable with words
  7. By the time the campaign ends, what’s the point in measuring?
  8. You can measure digital and social, but PR is different
  9. It’s not my job to deliver business outcomes; it’s creating visibility and protecting reputation
  10. You can’t directly compare PR with other marketing activities

At Metricomm, we’ve heard it all before and we know it’s simply not true. PR is a powerful contributor to business outcomes, and we can prove it.

If you’re still seeing reports based on unhelpful metrics such as volume of coverage, Opportunities to See (OTS) or potential reach, it’s time to demand more and learn how to sweat the investment you put into PR.

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