The road less travelled – finding a better route to measuring media effectiveness


“You take the high road and I’ll take the low road…” In the words of the famous song, picking a different road sometimes means reaching the destination first. When everyone else is on a three-lane motorway travelling at 80 miles per hour because SatNav says it’s the best route, thinking differently and exploring other options can actually put you in the overtaking lane.

While most in the media evaluation industry have been driving at breakneck speed in a broadly similar direction, we took the decision to indicate left and find a road out of the traffic jams created by counting clippings, impressions and reach. We’re not just talking about helping our clients to navigate away from vanity metrics, we’re helping them get on the road towards demonstrating genuine business impact.

To do this, we think differently about the destination. Our difference can be summarised in a few key points:

  1. The first thing we’re very clear about is that media impact is measurable. It’s measurable over time, using consistent and repeatable metrics that don’t vary from one campaign to another because people default to measuring what is easy to measure

  2. Secondly, we use audience-centric evaluation that focuses on how media coverage not only influences perceptions, but also impacts audience behaviour in tangible ways. It is far more powerful than people realise, helping other elements of the marketing mix – including advertising – to achieve their goals

  3. We prefer not to view results in isolation. It’s fine evaluating a single campaign but knowing what ‘business as usual’ looks like is the only way to put it into context. Similarly, we recommend using cost-effective competitor and sector comparisons to benchmark outcomes and identify opportunities for increasing effectiveness

  4. Finally, we speak the language of business. Executives want to know how media coverage is impacting sales as well as brand reputation. They care about moving the needle on conversion rates by moving consumers along the path to purchase. They want to know which specific PR activities are working best for the business and how they support other elements of the marketing mix including advertising.

Leading global brands across a range of sectors are joining us on this journey, taking the exit onto the road less travelled. If you think we can help your organisation demonstrate genuine impact from media coverage, email us: You can also request a free copy of our 2024 EV media impact report, simply by emailing us or completing the form below.