Squeezing the orange – getting value from public sector AMC expenditure

At a time when the public purse is under tremendous pressure, with inflationary forces reducing spending power, Advertising, Marketing and Communication (AMC) budgets inevitably come under scrutiny. It’s never been more important to demonstrate to hard-pressed taxpayers that allocated funds are being well spent. When money is tight, the ability to squeeze the last drop of juice out of campaign planning and execution helps make expenditure go a bit further.

Public relations is an essential tool for communicating with local, regional and national stakeholders. However, it’s one area where wastage is sometimes hard to spot, unless you have the right data at the planning stage, during the campaign and once it’s all wrapped up.

Metricomm insights can help public sector organisations move beyond traditional media effectiveness evaluation, to understand the power of media coverage in delivering the outcomes you are looking for. Rather than volume of coverage, OTS or other metrics which produce vastly inflated and incorrect data, we focus on identifying

  • The size of audience which has found, read and responded to media coverage
  • The national, regional and specialist named publications which really move the needle in terms of engaging the target audience
  • The tangible behaviours which your campaign has influenced – such as Google search or website visits


Our reporting is based on sophisticated statistical analysis which allows us to pinpoint the media coverage which is really effective for your organisation. This stops money being wasted on expensive campaigns that don’t deliver value, while demonstrating results to protect investment in meaningful and effective communication.

Contact gareth@metricomm.com for more information about our experience of working with public sector and non-profit organisations.