Is your media evaluation contract up for renewal?

Here’s a quick quiz for anyone who is paying for traditional media evaluation. When you receive your regular report from your supplier do you:

  1. Delete the email without reading it?

  2. Print off the report, sigh heavily and file it?

  3. Gleefully forward it to all your colleagues because it shows what a great job you’re doing?

  4. Wish you could make the decision to change supplier?

If your media evaluation contract is up for renewal and you selected anything other than 3. above, we’d love to speak to you. Metricomm provides media evaluation that answers those questions about effectiveness that traditional reporting doesn’t address. It also saves time, using AI and a proven methodology to surface insights that might otherwise remain hidden.

We are not a media monitoring company that analyses everything that gets published about your brand. The starting point for our analysis is understanding the real, powerful and evolving influence of media coverage on audience behaviour. Of course we can tell you about reputation, positioning and messaging, but we go further. Our reports help PR and marketing professionals have meaningful conversations about sales, purchase consideration and budgets. Before signing your next media evaluation contract, ask whether it

  1. Focuses on the audience behaviour prompted by reading coverage?

  2. Identifies the messaging and named media that genuinely impact effectiveness in terms of moving customers along the path to purchase?

  3. Highlights the 20% of media coverage that produces 80% of the results?

  4. Allows performance to be benchmarked against competitors efficiently and affordably?

To find out more about our proven methodology and results-oriented analysis, email