Creating Search Uplift



What’s the link between a 55% decrease in the size of online media audience for content about electric vehicles (EVs) and a 49% drop in Google search for electric vehicle brands in the UK during 2023?

The answer is that online media coverage helps drive sales and, in the case of electric vehicles, a drop in the size of audience achieved by media coverage contributed to a decrease in consumer demand.

PR and Marketing professionals instinctively know that search helps drive sales. Metricomm has demonstrated beyond reasonable doubt that, during identifiable time periods, online earned media coverage can be directly responsible for an uplift in Google search for a brand, topic or issue. Likewise, if the size of media audience falls, it is highly likely to have an adverse effect on sales.

What nobody has talked about until now is that the quantifiable search uplift attributable to online media coverage is essential to the success of paid search advertising. Of course, if there is no search, the advertising cannot succeed. However, media coverage plays a key role in increasing the volume of search and helping to drive consumers through the sales funnel.

This whitepaper examines the impact of online media coverage about EV brands in the UK market during 2023 on audience search behaviour. It includes hard evidence of the powerful link between media coverage, search uplift and search advertising results at a time when the EV industry experienced a massive drop in consumer interest and plummeting sales.

The paper also explains how the search uplift effect from media coverage on search advertising can be seen across a wide range of sectors, using additional examples from analysis of data for universities and alcoholic beverages.

You can download the whitepaper here: Metricomm Search Uplift Whitepaper

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