Bridging the gap: PR’s biggest challenge

In our recent webinar, our guest Jim Pierpoint, lecturer in the Department of Communication at North Carolina State University, shared a picture of a solid stone bridge. For Jim, this symbolises the challenge facing the PR industry today:

media measurement and evaluation is still struggling to bridge the gap between traditional metrics and solid business-related data that executives find credible.

Jim’s bridge analogy is typical of what we see happening in most organisations. The PR team stands on one side of the bridge pushing maximum coverage out to journalists, while the business stands on the other side looking for insight to reveal the true business impact of news on the audience.  By failing to find meaningful metrics for executives, we fail to demonstrate the real power of PR.

At Metricomm, we’ve crossed the bridge using our proven methodology which reveals the relationships between media coverage, audience impact and tangible business outcomes – for example purchase consideration, website visits, sales revenue and share price. Our time series evaluation passes the business litmus test of revealing trends and patterns in audience behaviour, showing which coverage and publications really impact customer behaviour.

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