Audience First.

It’s rocket science!

Ok, maybe not quite rocket science – but it is highly sophisticated data analysis grounded in decades of academic research, technical development and rigorous testing that has only been made possible thanks to unrivalled knowledge and experience,  performed at the very highest levels of statistical significance to produce results that are validated to an accuracy of one in a billion! That’s essentially higher than Six Sigma levels of precision and rigour.

Metricomm uses this robust statistical analysis to identify the relationships between audiences generated by online media coverage and a whole range of completely independent consumer data sets, such as Google Trends, Google Analytics, TV Viewing figures, Sales revenue, paid advertising data, Share Price indexes and many more.

The use of AI in media evaluation is growing. However, simply applying AI to traditional media evaluation methods fails to address the challenge of demonstrating real audience impact. Instead, it confirms the success bias of the organisation which wants to validate that its key messages are ‘getting through’ in coverage.

Unlike competitors, Metricomm’s approach to AI uses our consumer data for ‘training’, revealing which messages in coverage – intentional or otherwise – are truly triggering a reaction.

Using online data that reflects how the vast majority of people access news in the real world, Metricomm determines the coverage consumers are most likely to find, read and be influenced by.  This will be a different media mix for every organisation or sector and facilitates a new approach to measuring the effectiveness of media coverage and media targeting.

We don’t ‘boil the ocean’.

‘Boiling the ocean’ by analysing all coverage associated with a brand or issue is a counterproductive approach. In reality, the vast majority of impact is typically generated by just 20% of media coverage, with the remaining 80% having much less business value. AI can make a positive contribution to understanding media effectiveness if we use it to identify the coverage which is effective in driving search, website visits, TV audience, sales revenue or any other audience-focused metric

In addition, hard data reveals that the ‘relevance’ of media coverage, i.e. what it is about, is an important deciding factor in its effectiveness. Metricomm’s platform splits every piece of media coverage into its constituent parts.  Each of these sections is analysed and the resulting data aggregated to provide a highly accurate picture of what the coverage is about, along with the strength (relevance) of any named brands within it.

The analysis also demonstrates how audience data replaces the unreliable measurement of ‘sentiment’ to guess how audiences might react to coverage. Showing the incontrovertible link between specific articles within coverage and audience response removes any ambiguity about what is shaping behaviour.

Only Metricomm lets you zero-in on the most important media outcomes – the ones that are actually influencing audience behaviour.

Equally important, it also supports communication activities – including advertising and digital marketing – to amplify their effect and help drive audience response.

Only Metricomm proves the impact that media is having on the consumer buying journey.

Sample Analysis.

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