Your Questions Answered.


Who is Metricomm data for?

Metricomm helps business leaders, marketing and PR teams understand the impact of online media coverage on business reputation and audience behaviour. It has been used to inform crisis management and communications strategies by organisations in the private, public and third sectors.

What does Metricomm data tell me?

Metricomm’s objective data informs PR and communication planning and evaluation, to increase ROI and enhance campaign performance. Our data comes from earned media coverage, which is far more influential than many people realise in shaping audience perceptions and behaviours.


Our reports provide unique insight into specific market sectors, illustrating the business impact of online media coverage on organisations and their competitors. This level of insight across multiple organisations or campaigns is expensive to obtain using traditional media evaluation techniques.

The ability to benchmark against competitors reveals whether an organisation is punching above or below its weight in terms of the impact of its media relations activity, compared to others in its sector.


PR teams have relied for too long on weak metrics. Metricomm’s methodology is a proven way to attribute real business outcomes to PR campaign activity. Unlike other traditional media evaluation methodologies, our audience-centric approach helps PR professionals and businesses understand which content audiences have seen, read, and reacted to.

Where does the data come from?

We gather all our own online media data using our proprietary toolkit.

Can I add data from my own business to your reports?

Metricomm uses Google search impact as the key indicator of audience reaction to online media coverage. However, our bespoke reports can incorporate any organisational data that helps correlate online media coverage with business impact – for example, Google Analytics, sales data or social media performance data.

How often is Metricomm data updated?

We update a range of standard sector reports every month. We also produce bespoke reports which allow organisations to address specific business issues at any time. These can be updated on a daily or weekly basis, as required.

Do you have a sales deck?

Yes, please contact us and we will be happy to send you our creds deck.


For evaluation, do I need to share with you all the coverage secured so you can analyse?

No. We gather all our own data. This is different to traditional media evaluation where you are charged per item of coverage and you often need to provide it yourself.

Do you deliver a coverage book as part of your evaluation?

This is not a standard part of our service because our evaluation focuses on the quality of coverage achieved, not the volume of coverage. However, we are able to provide links to the coverage evaluated in any Sector report or bespoke evaluation report for a fee of £50. This is included in the price of Competitor reports.

Do you offer a media monitoring service?

Metricomm is not a media monitoring company, but the coverage links we provide represent the media content that is most effective at generating results and in our view, that’s the coverage that really matters. If you want us to include all the clippings generated by traditional media monitoring, please contact us and we can obtain this data from one of our partners.

Competitor Analysis

Can you provide reports for any industry?

Yes, we already produce a number of standard sector reports; but we are always adding to these, so please contact us to discuss the sector you’re interested in.

We currently have standard sector reports available for:

  • Hotels
  • Insurance
  • Universities
  • Property
  • Utilities

Reports in our pipeline are for:

  • Online Retail
  • Confectionary
  • Pet Foods
  • Purpose/Sustainability
  • Premier League Football

What does the Sector report include?

  • Online media insights for your sector
    • League tables showing audience reach compared to coverage volume for every sector competitor
    • Size of audience reached by each sector brand
    • Named online media (national, regional, consumer, trade) which have influenced brand perceptions and audience reaction
    • How key topics in online media coverage are affecting sector brands
    • Proportion of audience reached by each key theme
    • How emotions in coverage are likely to affect audience response
    • Trends and changes over time

What does the Competitor report include?

A more in-depth look at media insights for your own brand and two sector competitors


How can I pay for the reports?

We accept online payment by credit card. Alternatively, you can pay by bank transfer against an invoice; but please note that your report will not be sent until payment is received.

How do I get an invoice from Metricomm?

We use Stripe for credit card payments online. You will receive a VAT invoice from Stripe with the details of your payment to Metricomm and your reference number.

If you want to pay by bank transfer, an invoice will be emailed once your order has been received.

Do you offer discounts?

Yes, we offer a 25% discount to registered charities on the price of Competitor reports or bespoke campaign evaluation reports..

Do you offer free reports?

We are happy to discuss the creation of sample reports as proof of concept, for you to discuss internally or with your client. We do this on condition that, should you use our data, you will either commission a full report; pay a nominal amount for that already provided; or accept that we retain all the rights to the data & report and can use it as we wish for our own purposes.