Metricomm delivers robust metrics and insights that enable you to properly evaluate your campaign and demonstrate tangible audience impact and ROI. Our objective and standardised evidence reveals the impact of earned coverage on influencing audience opinions and behaviour. You can understand audience response in near real-time and adjust your activities while a campaign is live. What’s more, you can see what activities are having a real impact on key business outcomes; and how your campaign performance stacks up against competitors.  

We deliver this by evaluating media content based on measurable audience response and engagement.  

Evaluation Reports

Our Evaluation reports tell you the most important things you need to know about the success of your PR campaign activity, including:

  • How many people are seeing, reading and responding to content?
  • Which topics and themes are creating the most audience engagement?
  • What is the financial ROI of your media relations activity?
  • What is the optimum mix of media for your content?
  • Which media have been most successful in reaching and engaging the audience?
  • How is the emotional content of coverage likely to influence the audience?
  • How has social media amplified your earned media content?
  • How has the audience reacted to your campaign, including Google search, sales, TV viewing audience, etc?
  • Recommendations about how to get even more value from PR before the end of your campaign/for your next campaign

Sample Evaluation Report

Bespoke Reports

Our bespoke reports provide a comprehensive measure of the effectiveness of comms activity against organisational KPIs. Example insights include:

  • Which PR activities have a real impact on search, sales and ROI, understanding PR’s contribution to these vital organisations metrics
  • Which media combinations engage the largest audience for your campaign
  • Examples of media coverage that is driving audience engagement and response
  • Near real-time insights that allows your activity to be adjusted ‘in-flight’
  • Emotional analysis of coverage that goes far beyond positive, negative and neutral, and includes comprehensive emotional analysis using Happiness, Anger, Fear, Surprise, Sadness and Disgust to see how audiences are likely to respond, and why
  • Detailed benchmarking against named competitors
  • Added correlations with other data sets to see where PR coverage is driving organisational outcomes: including Google search trends; Google Analytics; Sales; Reviews; TV audience viewing; Broadcast media; Social media; etc.
  • Compare outcomes of multiple campaigns over time