Consultancy & Training.

Sharing our knowledge so that you can benefit more!

Our media effectiveness professionals have decades of experience in media evaluation and strategic communication planning. Clients can tap into these resources, using our expertise to support their own planning and thinking. We work on a project basis to provide:

Strategic planning and consultancy

Lightening the load!

Sometimes, it’s easier to let our consultants do the heavy lifting, rather than tying up your own resources to extrapolate conclusions, recommendations and an action plan from the data. We can provide a solid foundation for your strategic reflections by providing in-depth analysis of media effectiveness, including:

  • The impact of online media on the business outcomes that leaders care about. Not only reputation and awareness, but what is landing with consumers to move them through the sales pipeline to secure new business
  • The named media, topics themes and tactics you could focus on to increase effectiveness for your organisation
  • The impact of online media coverage on other elements of the marketing mix, such as paid advertising
  • Benchmarks against your sector or named competitors
  • Trends and patterns over time and what they mean

Team workshops

Getting everyone involved!

The reports we produce provide a great basis for a workshop with the whole team, as an opportunity to celebrate what’s going well and to collectively brainstorm what might improve outcomes. Our experienced facilitators guide the discussion and make sure everyone gets the chance to contribute. This way, you can reach your own conclusions about the best approach going forward and get the buy-in of the whole team. A workshop would typically include:

  • Introduction to the power of media coverage and how it can be optimised

  • Presentation and discussion of key report findings and conclusions

  • Breakout groups to discuss relevance to key areas of PR and Marketing strategy

  • Report back and capture key ideas

  • Develop action plan and assign responsibilities

Data analysis training

Transferring our knowledge!

We are often asked for a basic introduction to data analysis and interpretation. Not surprisingly, as data plays an increasingly important role in measuring performance, reading charts, graphs and statistics has become a part of the job. In 2024 we will launch our Data Analysis 101 course, aimed at newcomers to media effectiveness and those who would like a refresher on what the data means and how to engage with it confidently. More details are available on request.

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Consultancy & Training

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