Client Comments.

“This is the only media measurement approach I have ever had any value from. It helps us really understand which PR activity is driving results and increasing viewing audience for our key productions.” – Senior Head of Communications for Production & Global Brands, World-renowned content studio and channels & streaming business
“This is quite simply brilliant.” – Managing Partner, Global creative agency
“It’s incredible I love it. I haven’t seen a read on our data like this before and I think it’s so exciting!”- Director of Communications, British multi-channel broadcaster
“The (client) account team were thrilled with the findings and more so that we could prove (media) titles are major drivers of consumer interest and consideration. They also praised the level of detail in the report, in their words: ‘The deck is really insightful and so thorough – woooo!’.” – Account Director, Research and Analytics, Global public relations firm
“I found out this week that we have been successfully re-selected by (client). Thanks so much for your input there. There were some genuinely interesting insights.” – Director of Research and Analytics, Leading UK PR, social and creative communications agency
“I knew my team was achieving excellent media coverage, but it has always proved difficult to show how this has real impact and brings about tangible benefits to the university.
Metricomm’s insights have helped us evidence this impact, while also putting some of the negative issues into context within the sector. They were also able to provide a level of competitor evaluation that we’ve never had access to previously.
Metricomm took a novel and genuinely actionable approach to media evaluation, which has made us think about how audiences respond to coverage in the digital world. Such insights will definitely influence our media targeting and content planning going forward.”
Philippa Walker, Head of Media & PR, University of Bristol

Sample Analysis.

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