• University of Bristol – measuring reputation in online media

    Work.University of Bristol - measuring reputation in online media.In the UK market, the University of Bristol enjoys a strong reputation for academic excellence. For its Media & PR team, nurturing and protecting that reputation is not just a day job, but a strategically important role that contributes measurably to the university’s success.Metricomm was able to [...]

  • Campaign evaluation and planning

    Work.Campaign evaluation and planning.A UK broadcaster asked Metricomm to quantify the impact of PR activity on TV viewing audience for a range of high profile programmes. Analysis was able to pinpoint which articles, broadcast interviews and PR stunts were making the audience take notice, leading to an increase in Google search for the programmes and [...]

  • Responding to waning customer satisfaction levels.

    Work.Responding to waning customer satisfaction levels.A large retailer knew that customers had issues with service levels and wanted to understand more about the underlying problems causing dissatisfaction.Metricomm analysed thousands of reviews from Trustpilot and Google Reviews, identifying the issues experienced by customers on a weekly basis. This revealed granular detail about problems with product quality [...]

  • Reputation benchmarking

    Work. Reputation benchmarking. A Russell Group university asked Metricomm to discover how it was perceived by the media audience, alongside UK and international competitors. Metricomm was able to identify how the university’s positioning and reputation would be understood by the audience engaging with media coverage. This included analysis of key issues facing the sector and [...]

  • Driving sales

    Work. Driving sales. Car brand Tesla does not advertise. It does generate a lot of media coverage. Metricomm wanted to see what the likely impact of this on purchase consideration might be, compared to other car brands who invest heavily in advertising. Our analysis showed that there was a strong relationship between media coverage for [...]

  • Protecting revenue

    Work. Protecting revenue. A leading integrated agency was pitching to retain a client account. The client had been asking for additional proof of PR effectiveness and, to date, the agency had been unable to find differentiated media evaluation to make their case. Metricomm was able to provide insight showing which specific named media and agency [...]

  • Shaping brighter futures.

    Work. Shaping brighter futures. Many large companies employ apprentices and students on placement schemes. Understanding the experience of this young people is invaluable in shaping future early talent programmes. For several years, Metricomm has analysed thousands of online reviews generated by apprentices, interns and placement students to provide insights about their employment experiences to employers [...]

  • Getting ahead of the competition.

    Work. Getting ahead of the competition. A large leisure organisation was keen to benchmark customer service levels against one of its major competitors. Metricomm’s proprietary data analysis tool allows reviews to be gathered historically, so we were able to collect data for the previous two years, providing a huge pool of customer comment for both [...]

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  • Top UK university signs up with Metricomm

    Top UK university signs up with Metricomm   University of Leeds goes live with groundbreaking media impact tool ‘Quantum’ The launch of Metricomm’s Quantum follows successful projects with the University of Bristol and other higher education establishments Subscription product Quantum is Metricomm’s latest addition to its suite of audience impact and media effectiveness capabilities The [...]

  • The road less travelled – finding a better route to measuring media effectiveness

    The road less travelled - finding a better route to measuring media effectiveness   “You take the high road and I’ll take the low road…” In the words of the famous song, picking a different road sometimes means reaching the destination first. When everyone else is on a three-lane motorway travelling at 80 miles per [...]

  • Consumer search is boosted by media coverage – which EV brands are winning and losing?

    Consumer search is boosted by media coverage - which EV brands are winning and losing?   In June 2023, Google published a case study showing how Kia UK lifted conversion value on search by recognising that search provides an important bridge between upper and lower funnel marketing. Paid search advertising is one of the biggest [...]

  • Emphasis on PR can help universities address budget constraints

    Emphasis on PR can help universities address budget constraints   You don’t need a degree in Maths to understand the intense cost pressures facing universities. It’s a challenging time for internal communication teams, facing media scrutiny of the sector’s finances on top of other pressures. Inevitably, support function expenses come under the spotlight when rising [...]

  • Do you have a PR Business Partner in your organisation?

    Do you have a PR Business Partner in your organisation?   We’ve all become familiar with the term HR Business Partner, meaning a professional who aligns people strategy with business strategy. So why doesn’t PR position itself that way, as a strategic function with deep expertise, aligning communication strategy to business success? It all comes [...]

  • Universities and Gaza

    How media coverage about universities and Gaza is impacting perceptions of the higher education sector   Over recent weeks, the sensitive and emotive issue of the conflict in Gaza has spilled onto university campuses around the UK, mirroring the polarisation of response in the nation generally. While communication teams have been working hard to maintain [...]

  • 90% of everything is crud

    The science and the fiction of media effectiveness, as demonstrated at COP28   Sturgeon’s revelation is an adage conceived by the science fiction writer, Theodore Sturgeon. His assertion that ‘90% of everything is crud’ reminds us why we don’t measure volume of coverage when it comes to analysing media effectiveness. Our recent work analysing media [...]

  • Under the microscope

    Under the microscope – how does your university’s research reputation compare?   More than 85 UK universities belong to the UK Universities Climate Network. All of these have strong interests in climate risk and net zero and want their stakeholders to know what they are contributing to research and debate in this important topic. When [...]

  • Creating Search Uplift

    Creating Search Uplift     What’s the link between a 55% decrease in the size of online media audience for content about electric vehicles (EVs) and a 49% drop in Google search for electric vehicle brands in the UK during 2023? The answer is that online media coverage helps drive sales and, in the case [...]

  • Challenging the Titans

    Challenging the Titans: making media effectiveness your secret weapon   Whichever way you look at the data, Oxford and Cambridge dominate the media effectiveness rankings for UK universities.  It’s not only about awareness, visibility or share of voice. They also manage to scoop by far the largest size of interested audience, as the graphic below [...]