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  • 90% of everything is crud

    The science and the fiction of media effectiveness, as demonstrated at COP28   Sturgeon’s revelation is an adage conceived by the science fiction writer, Theodore Sturgeon. His assertion that ‘90% of everything is crud’ reminds us why we don’t measure volume of coverage when it comes to analysing media effectiveness. Our recent work analysing media [...]

  • Under the microscope

    Under the microscope – how does your university’s research reputation compare?   More than 85 UK universities belong to the UK Universities Climate Network. All of these have strong interests in climate risk and net zero and want their stakeholders to know what they are contributing to research and debate in this important topic. When [...]

  • Creating Search Uplift

    Creating Search Uplift     What’s the link between a 55% decrease in the size of online media audience for content about electric vehicles (EVs) and a 49% drop in Google search for electric vehicle brands in the UK during 2023? The answer is that online media coverage helps drive sales and, in the case [...]

  • Challenging the Titans

    Challenging the Titans: making media effectiveness your secret weapon   Whichever way you look at the data, Oxford and Cambridge dominate the media effectiveness rankings for UK universities.  It’s not only about awareness, visibility or share of voice. They also manage to scoop by far the largest size of interested audience, as the graphic below [...]

  • Is the needle stuck on your PR performance?

    Is the needle stuck on your PR performance?   Even with the most advanced media monitoring tools and evaluation, it can be hard to prove that media relations activity is having an impact on the business metrics that senior leaders care about. That’s why it’s important to set metrics that reveal how PR and comms [...]

  • Media evaluation is not a hygiene factor!

    Media evaluation is not a hygiene factor! In the hierarchy of needs, hygiene factors are essential, basic requirements. Without them, progress remains limited. The problem is, once we have ticked the boxes, we begin to take things for granted and forget just how important they are for survival. Media evaluation has become a hygiene factor [...]

  • Comment8

    Metricomm took a novel and genuinely actionable approach to media evaluation, which has made us think about how audiences respond to coverage in the digital world. Such insights will definitely influence our media targeting and content planning going forward.

  • Comment7

    Metricomm’s insights have helped us evidence this impact, while also putting some of the negative issues into context within the sector. They were also able to provide a level of competitor evaluation that we’ve never had access to previously.

  • Comment6

    I knew my team was achieving excellent media coverage, but it has always proved difficult to show how this has real impact and brings about tangible benefits to the university.

  • Comment5

    “I found out this week that we have been successfully re-selected by (client). Thanks so much for your input there. There were some genuinely interesting insights.”- Director of Research and Analytics, Leading UK PR, social and creative communications agency