Audience Impacts.

It’s not about counting, it’s about consequences!

Who cares about what’s happening? What’s important is what it’s doing. That’s why Metricomm is all about proving the actual audience impact your media activity is having, not simply measuring the volume of media coverage or mentions like others do.

We’re all about providing you with the data, insights and intelligence that demonstrate how your media activity is influencing audience behaviour. Is it increasing searches for your brand, products or services? Visits to your website? Driving an uplift in your search advertising results? Encouraging people to watch your TV broadcasts? Generating more sales? Affecting your share price?

Trends reveal key opportunities.

For us, media effectiveness is not about generating a snapshot at a point in time. It’s about looking at trends over time and examining how your performance compares to competitors. This reveals opportunity gaps in your market positioning, your media targeting and your messaging.

These are the things you actually need to know if you want to make a difference and validate or improve the efficiency, effectiveness and return on investment of your media, PR, communication and search advertising.

Only Metricomm can tell you how media is influencing audience behaviour, helping you to maximise your communication resources to drive business results.

Sample Analysis.

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