Audience First.

What does the audience really see!

Traditional media evaluation charges businesses to evaluate every piece of coverage they generate – analysing volume, sentiment and key messages across them all. This fails to reflect the real world, in which consumers see a much smaller proportion of the coverage, leading to false confidence, misleading conclusions and poor business decisions.

Using online data that reflects how the vast majority of people access news in the real world, Metricomm determines the coverage consumers are most likely to find, read and be influenced by.  This will be a different media mix for every organisation or sector and facilitates a new approach to measuring the effectiveness of media coverage and media targeting.

“Metricomm took a novel and genuinely actionable approach to media evaluation, which has made us think about how audiences respond to coverage in the digital world. Such insights will definitely influence our media targeting and content planning going forward.”

Philippa Walker, Head of Media & PR, University of Bristol

Demonstrating the power of media.

Advertising, digital or offline, creates brand awareness at the point a customer is thinking of buying or engaging. Metricomm reveals how media coverage can produce the same effect; moving the audience along the path of consideration through to purchase, at a fraction of the cost of advertising.

Equally important, it also supports communication activities – including advertising and digital marketing – to amplify their effect and help drive audience response.

Only Metricomm proves the impact that media is having on the consumer buying journey.

Sample Analysis.

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