Adding Value.

Chief Marketing Officer

The CMO.

Sunil is Chief Marketing Officer of an online fashion brand based in the Midlands, targeting Gen Z buyers whose path to purchase is almost exclusively on their smartphones. His marketing budget is focused on using influencers to promote new ranges in online and social media. 

Metricomm helps him to maximise return on investment and increase sales, by providing key insights about…

  • which online media work best in raising the brand profile and driving consumers to the company website
  • how PR performance compares to paid advertising on social media
  • which media influencers are most successful in creating audience engagement 
  • whether the brand’s sustainability messages are cutting through versus other online fashion retailers
Chief Finance Officer

The Finance Director.

Jake is FD of a large FMCG brand, which needs to control costs as raw material prices increase. He is sceptical about the usefulness of PR and wants to cut the budget by 50%. The problem is that nobody can tell him what should be cut or kept because the PR team don’t know what works.

Metricomm allows Jake to work collaboratively with the PR department to discover…

  • which PR activities are genuinely driving sales
  • where effort and budget should be focused to build on the activities that are working well
  • how PR effectiveness compares to other elements of the marketing mix, enabling overall optimization of resources
  • what can be learned from the outcomes of competitor PR activities 
Agency Account Manager

The Agency Account Manager.

Katie is a senior partner in the Manchester office of a global marketing agency. She manages blue chip accounts and wants to demonstrate to clients how effective use of PR can produce better campaign outcomes. She uses Metricomm data and insight to demonstrate that PR amplifies advertising impact and produces increased Google search traffic on the path to purchase.

Metricomm is a differentiator that helps Katie to win new business and retain existing clients because she…

  • can provide evidence of ROI for media relations
  • uses big data to show what is working and make campaign decisions during execution
  • helps her clients gain competitive advantage by understanding their online media positioning compared to sector competitors

The CEO.

Alex is CEO of a challenger bank, which wants to attract more business banking customers from high street rivals. If she can increase revenue from SMEs and boost share price value for investors, she will achieve her 5-year goals. However, her advertising budget is already too high.

Metricomm helps her to attract new customers and increase sales by…

  • discovering which media are most interested in the topic of banking for SMEs
  • analysing the outcomes of PR activity compared to advertising, so she understands whether PR can drive additional value from investment in ad campaigns
  • developing an SEO strategy that aligns with the Google search terms used by the audience exposed to business banking media content