How media coverage is influencing audience behaviour

Strategic insights about media impact.

Understand the impact of PR & Comms on audience behaviour.

Attribute your PR & Comms to search, sales & margins.

Prove the effectiveness of PR & Comms on real business outcomes.

Identify the media that drive consumer response.

News creates brand awareness and shapes consumer perceptions.

News is a powerful contributor to purchase consideration; and news impacts search, advertising success, sales, reputation and share price in material ways.

Start with the audience!

Volume of media coverage provides very poor and misleading estimates of effectiveness. To be successful in business, you need to know your audience. To fully appreciate the power of media coverage, you need to understand how communication impacts audience behaviour. That’s why Metricomm starts by identifying the size of audience most likely to have found, read and been influenced by online media coverage about your brand, products / services, themes, issues, competitors and sector.

Metricomm reveals the extraordinary power of media coverage in shaping and sustaining business success.

“This is the only media measurement approach I have ever had any value from.
It helps us really understand which PR activity is driving results and increasing
viewing audience for our key productions.”

Senior Head of Communications for Production & Global Brands,

World-renowned content studio and channels & streaming business

Beyond reasonable doubt.

Metricomm provides precision insights about the real impact of online media coverage on your audience. We identify the named media and specific content most likely to be influencing consumer behaviour and moving people along the path from consideration to purchase – whether that’s performing searches, visiting your website, watching your broadcasts, responding to your advertising, activating a sale, or choosing your competitors.

Metricomm operates at the highest possible levels of statistical significance to prove media impact beyond reasonable doubt.

For when it really matters.

We are here for when you need media intelligence and insights that are not just about counting what you’ve done, or estimating results, but to tell you the real impact you’ve achieved, over time and compared to others in your industry. After all, what’s the point of measuring when you don’t evidence the power and effectiveness of media coverage within the marketing mix?

We go further and deeper than anything that volume-based media monitoring or PR measurement can provide. In fact, clients very often use our insights to supplement existing reporting and analysis.

Our audience-first approach gives you quantifiable analysis that delivers actionable insights and passes the ‘so what?’ test. Metricomm can help you meet your strategic objectives, achieve sales targets, hone your competitive advantage, refine your communication strategy, retain a key client, and much more.

Metricomm media analysis provides the answers you need when it really matters.

“The (client) account team were thrilled with the findings and more so that we could
prove (media) titles are major drivers of consumer interest and consideration.
They also praised the level of detail in the report, in their words: ‘The deck is really
insightful and so thorough – woooo!’.”

Account Director, Research and Analytics, Global public relations firm


With decades of experience and a growing body of work for a variety of leading brands and agencies, our capabilities address a wide variety of strategic and tactical challenges including reputation, awareness, perception, consideration, acquisition and retention.

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